End of Q2 Meeting
Yazı Fontu

2021-2022 Academic Year End of Quarter 2 Meeting was held on 24.01.2023 with the participation of SFL instructors. The Director Assist. Prof. Mustafa Sarıoğlu and the Assistant Director Inst. Bahattin Aslan opened the meeting with a remark on the instructors' feedback from the previous quarter.

Two new members joined the management of the SFL.

The director appreciated the contribution of Inst. Ayşe Vatansever to the SFL during her duty as an assistant director for 1,5 years along with Inst. Özlem Cengiz as the Head of the Department -we are grateful for their commitment and hard work. He then announced Inst. Dr. Zeynep Selin Dürer as the new assistant director, and Inst. Tuğba Karadeniz as the Head of the department as of the end of Q2.

After the meeting, level coordinators and instructors came together to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the pacings, course designs, materials, and how to improve the learning environment in the new quarter.

31 Ocak 2023