BTU SFL at ATEE’s Spring Conference in Bergamo
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BTU SFL at ATEE's Spring Conference in Bergamo

BTU SFL instructor Miranda Karjagdi Çolak recently participated in the Association for Teacher Education in Europe’s (ATEE) Spring Conference, held at the University of Bergamo. The conference, centered on “Teacher Education Research in Europe: Trends, Challenges, Practices, and Perspectives,” gathered educators and researchers from across the continent.

Instructor Miranda Karjagdi Çolak presented a paper on teacher research, focusing on task repetition and the integration of ChatGPT in teaching remedial students. The conference featured thought-provoking messages from several keynote speakers, including David Steiner from Johns Hopkins University. Steiner addressed the challenges of modern education and emphasized that “only human beings can think reflectively about the unfolding trajectory of their lives.”

This event fostered valuable exchanges of ideas setting the stage for future advancements in teacher education

04 Haziran 2024